Seminar 10

The international organizations call on citizens to change the world

Date: 24 and 25 September 2015
Place: New York

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This concluding seminar will review the grand plans, projects and problems of the various kinds of international organization, and will once again explore the potential role of design in this connection, in order to help provide direct solutions to the world’s many crises, make the organizations’ activities more credible to the world’s citizens and make current projects, subjects of negotiation and potentially shared goals easier to identify – in short, to bring these organizations closer to the world’s people. The seminar will also look at ways of expressing protest on global issues, ways of meeting to discuss international problems and, more generally, non-state powers. What kinds of exchange are possible at this level? Can we ultimately come closer together, and how are we to achieve this? Can design help maintain the necessary links between international organizations and citizens who feel concerned by the world’s problems and wish to act outside national frameworks?

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