Seminar 6

Different approaches to design in response to crisis situations

Date: 16 and 17 April 2015
Place: Geneva
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This seminar will bring together and analyse the various exemplary projects carried out by designers for humanitarian organizations and other NGOs, and will present the places where research and other experiments are being conducted around the world. Various approaches will be considered, not in order to contrast them, but to assess their relevance in response to the various issues. Analysis of work commissioned, or not commissioned, from designers will allow needs to be assessed and, perhaps, the reasons for certain failures to be understood. The first day of the seminar will consist of a succession of case studies, each lasting 20-30 minutes. The examples will be chosen to show a broad range of approaches and issues. Designers will present their projects in dialogue with their clients, to reveal both the benefits and the drawbacks of each experience. These examples will be enriched by others that concern social sectors but are not actually work commissioned by NGOs. The second day will be devoted to analysis of these cases. Guest observers will endeavour to draw conclusions.

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