Seminar 7

Ways of representing peace as seen through the history of GOs and NGOs

Date: 14 and 15 May 2015
Place: Geneva
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This seminar will be organized as part of the Rencontres de Genève, Histoire et Cité. It will follow on from a poster exhibition presented by HEAD on the basis of research on visual expressions of peace, conducted by Ruedi and Vera Baur. A number of historians will have been sent the visual encyclopaedia ‘Signs for peace’, which they will comment on. This work will serve as the basis for an exchange with renowned image designers. Indirectly this will allow an analysis of the historical and current visual strategies of governmental and non-governmental international organizations that promote the cause of peace. What are their visual tools, and how are these perceived by people directly or indirectly involved in conflicts? Has the perception of images been changed by the contemporary media? And do images still have the power to move us and make us take action? To answer such questions, it seems essential to revisit the history of the few images that once managed to influence the course of history, to arouse and symbolize the cause of peace before, during or after a conflict.

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