Seminar 8

Information design and cartography to reveal more clearly what is illegible

Date: 4 and 5 June 2015
Place: Geneva
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Geography lies at the heart of issues of peace and international agreements. As we know, the cartographic representation of territories and statistics are not neutral data. Representation techniques, assumptions and methods have greatly in recent decades. After a tribute to Otto Neurath and Mark Lombardi, the seminar will present concepts as diverse as Philippe Rekacewicz’s ‘angry maps’, Bruno Latour’s ‘mapping controversies’, Philipp Misselwitz’s and various approaches to information design. These experiences will be set against the needs and habits of the various international organizations not only in their negotiations and in-house work, but also when informing the public, raising consciousness or putting forward counter-arguments. They will provide a reading of the processes, the complex situations, the gradual, imperceptible changes, the day-to-day facts, the social situations, the invisible activity in the field and the international organizations themselves. These visual expressions will enhance the organizations’ credibility.

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