Seminar 9

Rapprochement of cultures and the international organizations

Date: 2 and 3 July 2015
Place: Paris
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This seminar will take an ethnological look at rites and customs: ceremonies, the arrival of delegations, the distribution of seats in conference halls, speaking times, voting, and the functioning of diplomats or administrations. It will then focus equally closely on work in the field, in crisis zones or in response to long-term work. Work commissioned from designers and the way in which they carry it out will also be analysed, focusing on annotation of the ‘king’s awakening’ type and photographic reporting. The purpose of the research will not just be to understand how these various organizations work, but also to explore potential transformations, unidentified needs, and situations in which certain kinds of design may prove useful. Social design, humanitarian design, civil design, collaborative design, design context – there is no shortage of terms to designate the creative approaches in response to the needs of humanitarian organizations. They will be analysed more closely to help make things clearer.

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